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Philosophy The American Façade


We often talk (and rightly so) about the destruction to our society by an Alynsky trained anti-American, racist, socialist.

We often site various horrors that are being forced upon the masses by a tyranny of the minority.

Truly many feel if we can just get the Republican’s back at the helm of the ship of state, all will be well. What leads to that conclusion? What data supports this belief?

The older I get, and the more knowledge I acquire I can’t help but feel I’ve been holding on to an idea, and the reality is much different.

I was thinking the other day how easily the words I love my country roll off my lips and lips of others. Then I started to ponder what exactly it was I “love” about this country. Grant it there are moments of great pride, but is that really enough to result in love of country?

I’ve come to the conclusion it isn’t.

I’ve come to believe that we are a sick society in rapid decline. I also believe for the most part there is a duopoly in the ruling class and the courts are part of the tyranny we are actually living.

If I despise tyranny (and I do), how can I love my country?